Steph Waller

The true Story of a Defrauder

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Sheila Katherine Waller
aka Steph Waller
aka Stephan Karl Waller
aka SKW
aka SK Waller
aka Kaye Waller
aka Berg
has been owing me the sum of 3,100 EURO since the year 2000 (interests not included yet).

In 2000, she asked me for a loan, claiming to be literally starving.
At that time we seemed to be friends and I trusted her.
I trusted her because she promised faithfully to pay it back within 4 weeks.
Four weeks.
Four weeks have become nineteen (19) years.
So far.
She has not paid back a single cent!

When I met Sheila online she called herself SKW, or Stephan Karl Waller, or Steph Waller.
And pretended to be a man.
The few times we talked on the phone - it had to be always me to (long distance) call clearly out of money reasons - she used a voice changing machine for a better make-believe. In e-mail, she even asked how - on photos - I found "the front buldge" in her/his pants. Later on I found out that she swallowed loads of testosterone in order to become physically a man.

Once I happened to online-bump into her son (on a messenger) who told me that his "mother Kaye" wasn't home and that "Steph was one of my mom's screen names."
I asked SKW and "his" girlfriend, Lynette Weaver about that and they both were very quick to tell me lies and sweared that SKW was a man.

Lies, nothing but lies.

I found out that SKW had bought a keyboard from the loan.

Well, in decent intervals I've since kept reminding her to pay back the loan.
I even offered the option of payment by instalments.
Still - niente, nada, nothing.
What I've received in return was, however, not one Dollar but empty promises, several attempts of intimidating me, as well as numerous threats even with the FBI, plus was repeatedly called names.
Switching the truth until it fits her, she finally claimed the loan had been a gift.
Then, later, she was saying that she didn't have to pay it back anyway since there's no contract.
Of course, there is none, because I had trusted her!
A big mistake.

This person does not have ANY shred of self-respect and conscience.

Since spring 2009 she has been putting me off for awhile with the announcement of an alleged sale of "Mozartiana", an insignificant letter and an even less important book (given to her as a gift from an American gentleman) which the Mozarteum in Salzburg/Austria allegedly shows interest in to buy. Of course, nothing has happened. Nothing at all. As usual.

Meanwhile Waller and Lynette Erwin WEaver, her lesbian partner continue lying, throwing mud at me, calling me names and threatening with lawsuits. Last happened on March 23, 2010 in her blog

On June 2, 2010 Waller wrote in her blog "there's a little money in the bank". My reminder to start paying back the debts got immediately deleted without any further reaction or contacting me.

. . . . . . .

So, it doesn't look like she has ever had the intention of paying the loan back, does it?
Sheila Katherine Waller is no doubt criminal and a defrauder.
Who then wonders that in 2004 she was in jail for a money matter?

Sheila Katherine Waller, however, is - devoted to online self-presentation and self-promotion, much to my amusement since I've seen through her - cultivating a super polished online image on a number of more or less boring websites.
And oh, yes, not to forget. She is claiming to be reincarnated Wolfgang Amadé Mozart.

Sheila Katherine Waller is someone who is desperately seeking fame and fortune, when in reality and as a matter of fact, she is an ordinary nobody. Not quite that ordinary because she has criminal potential.

Sheila Katherine Waller is living in a little old house in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA together with K. Lynette Erwin, aka Lynette Weaver, aka Lynette Waller, aka Nettl, a would-be opera diva and extremely aggressive and vulgar person as soon as you are at odds with her.

So folks, you've been warned.
Don't let Sheila Katherine Waller fool you.
Be very, very careful!
And do never, ever borrow her any money!
You never get it back!

By the way, I'm no way the only one whom Waller is owing money. Apart from me, there is a gentleman in California waiting to get his money back, as well as at least one further person.

How about you, Sheila Katherine Waller, would you not like to see this TRUE STORY disappear?
Then listen.

Know that I might delete some of this site ONLY after your taking off ENTIRELY your online lies about me and illegal publishing of personal data, which alone is already proving your criminal energy.

In the unlikely case you should be actually starting to pay back your decadelong debts - the more money you pay me back, the more sentences of this TRUE STORY I will delete.
After having paid me back in full, you will never ever again hear from me.

As long as you don't - as long may everybody read about your criminal character here.

About you being a DEFRAUDER.

With kind regards,
Your Creditor